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How to Adopt a Mercy Mission Teddy Bear

All "used" teddy bears donated to Mercy Mission Bear Hospital are sanitized and repaired before placement for Adoption or purchase. Due to the California State Department of Health Regulations, only used bears; which may also be redesigned; are placed for Adoption. 



All used bears from Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency are certified healthy, pest free and lovable with the cutest faces! They are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of purchase.


The adoption fees are $175 for per bear, along with a $20 shipping and handling fee. The adopted bears (all one of a kind) range in height from 18-30 inches, and are dressed in their nighties. The bears are shipped with a change of clothing, shoes and socks, a blankie and a new toy!


We also include a beautiful Adoption Certificate; suitable for framing; and if Baptism of your teddy bear is desired, we prepare the certificate free of any additional charge. The adopted teddy bear arrive with a Mercy Mission paw tag, and their shipping container will be suitable for display of your precious teddy. 


All adoption payments should be made payable to MERCY MISSION HOSPITAL and mailed to Mercy Mission c/o: Dr Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, 3868 West Carson Street, 3rd Floor, Torrance, Ca. 90503. You may also click the link below to use PayPal, Visa or Master Charge credit cards.


Please note that due to State Law, only NEW teddy bears can be donated to the general public. All USED teddy bears can be adopted for their beauty and splendor!


Teddy Bear Funerals or Last Rites performed n Los Angeles, California


In the event your Teddy becomes gravely ill in appearance, and appears beyond any reasonable repair, funeral or last rites services can be held for your teddy. E-mail us for specifics in this area and instructions on how to get your Teddy to us for his final resting place. 


Your Teddy can also be prepared and shipped back to you in his special "Box Of Peace And Rest" for burial in his or her home State. We are looking forward to our grand opening ceremony fall 2020 of THE TEDDY BEAR MAUSOLEUM OF THE GOLDEN WEST Grand Opening, where your teddy can be laid to reset in a Golden Coffin made especially for him or her, and memorialized for times to come! Please check back with us for further information!


FOR ALL SERVICE PROVIDERS who would like to take advantage of our new teddy bear donation gifting, please send us your request, along with the number of bears you would like us to provide for your facility, and your your non-profit identification number. An invoice for the shipping costs only will be mailed to you at the time the bears are shipped or delivered.


We will also include MERCY BEAR CARDS which will add cheer to the receiver with a wonderful quote and bear smile. Contact us at the above telephone number or e-mail for service.



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