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"SAMSON" our 2012 mystery bear, was not identified after a car accident in November, 2012 and was re-named and adopted as Samson by a Hawthorne, California family, Mr and Mrs Jacob and Anna Maria Escobar. Samson is blind and has lost his hearing but he pulled through his accident and surgery by great doctors at Mercy Mission Hospital.The Escobar family is comprised of six children and we are confident he will have a happy, new home and life. 


The Escobars accepted Samson into their home on December 22, 2012, and in the event you would like to open your home and heart to a new friend, please contact Mercy Mission!


The newly re-named "SAMSON" was adopted and delivered to his new home on December 22, 2012, in the City of Hawthorne, California. His new parents, Jacob and Anna Maria Escobar, welcomed Samson into their home of 6 children. Yay, Yay, Yay for Little Samson and his swift recovery at Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency! 







2023 - 2024


Volunteers are always needed to serve and bring joy to children and the elderly! Our Volunteer meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of each month at Mim's Bistro and Bakery in Torrance. If you would like to attend, please RSVP to to reserve table/seat space can be made available. Bring your heart and ideas for a greater Mercy Mission!



Volunteers are needed and welcomed in the following areas:



*Children's Outreach Division


*Teddy Bear Art Gallery and Museum Division


*Hospital Gift Shop


*Teddy Bear Chapel of Prayer


*Teddy Bear Stay and Play Station


*Hospital and Adoption Department 


*Bear State University


*Teddy Bear Intake Department


*Hospital Development Department


*Teddy Bear Chamber of Commerce


*Donor, Patron and Sponsor Development Department


*Special Events, Gala and Social Outreach Programs Department


*Mercy Manor Adult Day Care Center


*Commercial Development Division Department


*Volunteer Division Development


*Outreach Advisory Board


*Mercy Mission Women's Auxiliary "Coffee and Conversation" Monthly Meeting Development


"Evening Under the Stars" Monthly Donor Dinner Development Division


*Mercy Mission Youth Ambassadors Program Development


*Teddy Bear Heritage Society Development Division


"Honey Bear" Bear Stripers Development Division (in hospital teen volunteers)


*Rising Star Society Development Division


*Mercy Mission Tots Development Division


*Hospital Wings Development Division


*Hospital Departments Development Division


*Hospital Administration Development Division


*Hospital Wings Development Division


*Hospital Units Development Division


*Hospital Grief and Bereavement Center Development Division


*Teddy Bear Board and Care Development Division


*Hospital Heroes Circle Development Division


 *Fatherless Bear Program 


*Mercy Mission Hall of Fame Development Division


*Mercy Mission Healing Gardens Program Division


*Teddy Bear Mausoleum, Memorial Gardens and Sanctuary of the Golden West Development Division


*Mercy Mission Thrift Division


*Mercy Mission Community Support Group Development Division


*Mercy Mission Wall of Honor Development Division


*Mercy Mission Trust, Estate and Wills Development Division


*Teddy Bear of The Month Program


*Mercy Mission Adopt A School


*Teddy Bear Donations Development Division


*Mercy Mission Social Media Development Division


*Mercy Mission for the Arts and Music Development Division



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