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Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino

 Executive Director


Hospital Administrative Officers

Georgia Gregory, Rhonda Brent, William Harrison, Todd Smith, Brittany Brown

Illyria Jenele Cabeza, Bill Tefftanais





"Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency" has as it's core mission the desire to receive, repair and bring back to life discarded, and no longer wanted teddy bears, to share for adoption and to present donated new bears with those ill and lonely, especially sick and homeless children.


New teddy bears are donated to children in need of cheer, joy along with financial resources when suffering from terminally ill diseases, or awaiting treatments for life threatening illnesses. Children in hospice centers truly appreciate a loving teddy bear to hold and comfort them at night. 


Our Seniors and Elder friends also benefit from Mercy Mission volunteers, and a cuddly teddy bear! Those confined in convalescent and nursing centers also delight in receiving hugs and a teddy bear to help make their life complete. Other requested services are offered our elders and many just simply appreciate a regular visit from Mercy Mission volunteers, especially around the holidays. Mercy Mission loves our friends of wisdom, and seek out resources and referral agencies to assure their welfare, and happiness. 


Many of our teddy bears put up for adoption come from broken homes, and or are left abandoned or discarded by their previous owners once the owners feel they are no longer necessary as family members of comfort and joy.  Other teddy bears are simply forwarded to us for sanctuary and healing after various forms of neglect or abuse. Mercy Mission feels that no bear should ever have to leave surgery or extensive repair services once received without knowing they have a loving family waiting to help care for them, and to welcome them with loving arms! Will you adopt one of our delightful and huggable friends? 


Mercy Mission Bears are eagerly awaiting a good home and pleasant surroundings, and will prove to be "just what the Doctor ordered", in renewing your life with comfort. Please take a moment to browse our pages for additional information, and learn how you can welcome a delightful new household member in the form of a teddy bear! 


Featured in the photo above is Samson. He received love and a new home through Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency.


THANK YOU for your consideration in giving a lost and lonely teddy bear a "second chance" at life in a good home....hopefully yours!


Managed by: Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group, 9595 Wilshire Boulevard, 9th Floor, Beverly Hills, California 90212.

For more information, please call (323) 867-9966 or send an e-mail to


 Our dedicated friends and medical volunteers for Mercy Mission make sure all bears received from around the world as donations are cleaned and repaired when they arrive at Mercy Mission Bear Hospital temporary facilities. Limbs. missing ears, battered noses, torn feet, damaged paws and missing body fur are re-sewn or attached by their skilled "surgical" hands and hearts!


                                                                                                                              Will you become a friend of Mercy Mission Bear Hospital?

January 19, 2013, 10am, was a great day in Los Angeles county as the "Groundbreaking Ceremony" took place for the temporary Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency. The pre-fabricated "cottage" hospital was completed in record breaking time; within three days; and all present at the dedication services were overjoyed at the beauty of the cottage! The cottage has since been moved into storage as the amount of teddy bear donations called for more space and a larger base of operations. 


 The long anticipated hospital site will share several stories of space with department units such as a Teddy Bear Adoption Agency;  Hospital "surgical" Teddy Bear Repair Department;Teddy Bear Chapel of Prayer; Teddy Bear Art Gallery and Museum; the famous TEDDY BEAR MAUSOLEUM OF THE GOLDEN WEST for Teddy Bears beyond repair; a children's "Stay and Play Station; Healing Gardens with Neptune Fountains; 

Hospital Gift Shop; Hospital Adult Daycare Walk In-Walk Out Center for fun and new friends; and more! 


Please learn more about the plans and goals of Mercy Mission Bear Hospital by reading the MERCY MISSION STORY!









Doctors, such as Dr Jogo seen above spoke in behalf of Staff Members & Volunteers who were on hand at the  groundbreaking Ceremony to hear and lend their support to the vision and goals of Mercy Mission Bear Hospital and Adoption Agency!






































Dr Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, with Teddy Bear named BISHOP MIMS, after her father, Bishop James Howard Mims, Pastor and community activist; who passed in 2007; after preaching for over 50 years as the founder of The Household of God Bibleway Church in Lynwood, California. When Marcia walked into her dad's office with the teddy, he pointed to the bear and asked her...what is that? She told him it was a large teddy bear she found at a thrift store for $1.91. He asked her for the bear.....and the rest became love at first sight...for a teddy bear! The teddy bear enjoyed their first annual teddy gala, with his custom made tuxedo, shirt and Kango cap. A satin bow tie was a hit!


Teddy Bear Bishop attends galas, receptions, red carpet affairs and any other events where teddy bears are loved and welcome!

goof troop.JPG

Dr Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino, Executive Director, paraded around the city of Hollywood in 2013 to celebrate with "Dudley", at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.


Dudley received a lot of staredowns and Marcia joined in the fun by "play acting" on the street in front of The Hollywood Reporter Star! 


"Oh life is so good...with a bear by your side", she exclaimed as she autographed anything presented her all in the name of Mercy Mission Hospital.


Will you help support Dudley and his friends by becoming a "Friend of Mercy Mission"? 

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